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Move Forward....Fearlessly!

MargaretStone, Inc.

No one escapes the big transitions in life.  It isn’t possible or practical. We grow up, graduate, have successes and failures.  Careers begin and end.  We have families, meet people, lose people and build communities. We have health issues; we move, make piles of money or go broke.  It’s all part of the continuum of life.  So why are these transitions so difficult for so many people?  For many it’s resistance to change and the fear of stepping out of their comfort zone to something unknown. Fear of failure, of what’s being left behind and what lies ahead.  The other piece of the puzzle is that most do not have a plan, a process to help them navigate the shifts in their lives we all inevitably face.    That’s why I created these comprehensive online courses, seminars and tools that reshape the approach to life and career transitions, eliminate the anxiety and confusion and create empowering, success-driven results. 

Whether you’re the seasoned executive or a newly-minted graduate, a professional athlete, veteran or someone coming out of treatment or a sober living program, everyone struggles with the same questions:  Where do I start? How do I do this? Where do I look for help?  We overwhelm ourselves with a million questions and are fearful we can’t figure it out.  With so many resources available, how do you know what to do?

I’ve helped thousands of people over the years work through these questions with integrated plans that assess, develop, plan and execute strategies to move them from the here and now to that next phase.  Our programs are designed to address specific audiences’ needs in an engaging, fun and thought-provoking way.  Learn more about whom we serve and find the resources that best meet your needs.

It’s your transition.  Embrace it.  Make a plan. Move forward!

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