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Move Forward....Fearlessly!

10 x10:  10 Days. 10 Tools. The Foundation for Any Transition ©

Don't make a move without your best set of tools!

Remember going off to your first day of school as a kid? New shoes, clothes and plenty of supplies?  Well the circumstances may have changed but you'll still need a well-stocked toolbox for the transitions you face in your professional or personal life.  10x10 teaches you how to master the innate tools we all possess to transform any change into a powerful experience.

Transitions are gifts. They allow us to move from where we sit currently to something better, more powerful and amazing. For many people, regardless of their situation, a major shift in their life can be disorienting and create fear about what comes next.  10x10 helps you to navigate these transitions fearlessly and with clarity.   Sign up now!

One-on-One Transition Coaching & Development

If you had the choice between a clear and swift career or life transition or one that is uncertain and rocky, which would you choose?  The former of course!  Having a trusted advisor to help you develop and execute a plan to navigate the process of change is the advantage you need if you want the best results.  

Making a career change is tough to do in a silo without the benefit of an objective perspective.   With One-on-One Transition Coaching & Development we eliminate the guess work and stress that comes with the initial onset of change.

One-on-One offers:

  • Professional and personal transition strategy and plan development and execution
  • Identifying goals and setting realistic expectations
  • Identifying resources and tools that best serve your needs
  • Time management and skills development
  • Career development and job performance
  • Professional resume and biographical development 

Our One-on-One sessions are conducted either over the phone or via video conferencing using tools such as GoToMeeting, Skype or Free Conference Call.  

So why wait? Learn more about One-on-One Transition Coaching & Development here! 


Change is the gateway to new and exciting avenues in your life.  For more than 20 years, I've worked with clients to help them navigate those changes by assessing, redefining and reinventing their lives and careers.  Having the best tools, resources and programs is the difference between moving foward and spinning your wheels.   Don't struggle with the shifts in your life.  Let me help you move forward in a powerful and fearless way.  Today. Need more information about what we do, email us here and we'll get back to you with 24 hours!